Sunday, 26 August 2007

My underwater rig

I bought this rig about a year ago. First used it when i went diving in Hin Daeng November 2006. And since then i have not had the chance to even get it into a pool. Well, that's also because it is safely stored in my room about 13 hours flight journey from where i am now. I have decided to use ultralights arms instead of the sea and sea arms shown in this picture. I am thinking about getting the dual sync cord rather than using just optical fibers to fire up my strobes. There is so much more i want to do with this system. Time ticking now... before i get my hands on them again.. hehehe... two and a half months to go... YES!!!

This is how my desktop looks like when i am surfing the internet

I must admit i surf the internet a lot. I like reading underwater photography forums to learn as much as i can from the pros. I like to keep myself updated with news from the college. I like to listen in to my itunes at the same time. I love to browse through Apple products and always keeping an eye open for things to purchase (yes... i am an online shopping junkie as well)... I am so sian...

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Rome (Part 2.... before the next part)

People would not talk about Rome and not even mentioned the Vatican right? I had my most amazing experience with the Vatican not only from this trip but also from Angels and Demons, a book by the famous Dan Brown. From afar, the St Peter's Basilica and Square does not appear to look big at all but look closely and you would see that the structure (yet again) is massive! To get an idea of what i mean, it is estimated that the square is 314 meters long and 240 meters wide.

The Egyptian obelisk that stands in the middle is about 25 meters high.

I joined a small guided tour as i didn't want to wander around the Vatican Museums not knowing what to look for and what was the significance of things i see. It took a long journey from the entrance all the way to the Sistine Chapel, the highlight of the Vatican. All along the way, sculptures, statues, frescoes followed by more of them as i made my way through room after room.

The School Of Athens by Raphael. Try to spot the self potrait by Raphael in this picture..

Inside the Basilica. One can literally place the statue of liberty in here and still have room to spare.

Rome (Part 1..if there is a part 2)

I had just woke up trying to recover from my five days in Rome. Some may think that five days is not enough to see this place, but its definitely more than i needed. I had enough of Italian food for now. I do not think my taste bud has yet gotten over Italian spices. I am malaysian chinese and i need Chinese food.. or at least something different. So, Rome.. first impression? Busy. One word says it all. I would think that Petaling Street or Kuala Lumpur can be Rome for a day if the Colosseum and Roman Forums had been placed there.

The Colosseum is a massive structure! I can imagine why it had retained its place as one of the seven wonders in the world. To walk around this site at night would have been really eery as an estimated one million life was taken here together with the hundreds of thousands of animals. Yet, people 'lepak' here till very late..and i also had dinner in one of the restorante next to it.

Fontana De Trevi . The fountain was built by the architect Salvi (17Th Century i think) in the time of Clement XII, and decorated by several artists of Bernini's school. It is the front of a large palace (Palazzo Poli) decorated with statues and bas-reliefs on heaps of rock. The fountain is not only celebrated for its excellent water but for the legend that whoever drinks it or throws a coin in the fountain, will assure his return to Rome. Your back to the fountain when the coin is thrown. Did I? I didn't. I had a feeling i won't be back in Rome and moreover having only a €2 coin is enough for a bottle of water in the hot summer weather than to waste it.hehe.

The Roman Forum was the central area around which ancient Rome developed. Temple of Vespasian on the left, Arch of Septimius Severus behind or rather in front of the remains of the Temple of Saturn in the foreground. On the right are the three columns of the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the Palatine Hill, and slightly to the left of these is the Chiesa di San Lorenzo in Miranda. In the distance, the Colosseum and the Arch of Titus are visible.

to be continued.... 8)

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Summer Ball

(Registrars posing!)

(My fellow Registrars)

Went to the hospital's summer ball last night. I didn't bother to rent a dinner jacket (tuxedo) as i didn't see how i can justify to myself spending about £60 for some clothing that i would only wear for a couple of hours. Food was good. Crowd was good. Wine was excellent.

(Midwifes dressing all up and looking dazzling)

After dinner, we were off our seats and started dancing.. erm..unfortunately to mainly old songs...things like dancing queen, saturday night fever etc. No linkin park, amy winehouse, heck not even Queen! But overall had a jolly good time and by 12 midnight it was time to go. Board the taxi and back to my room. Had quite a bit to drink so thats the reason for the taxi. Hehehe..

I have just got time to post some pictures before i leave for Rome in a couple of hours.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Fourth Card Trick (Spades to Hearts)

Third Card Trick (Disappearing Ace)

This trick is again for beginner like me. Expert eyes would be able to pick out the trick.

Driving around

What do you do when you have an hour to spend whilst awaiting for your laundry to be done? Well, i drove around Bury St Edmunds. Its a small town so it's quite easy not to get lost. I passed a whole lot of open fields, houses, shopping mall, sugar factory and then back to collect my laundry. Had a great time getting some summer sunshine. No i am not bored. I just felt i haven't really had the time to see the nature surrounding my habitat.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Underwater Photography

I got into diving when i started my medical officer-ship in Kuching many years ago. Had my first few lessons with my housemate then. I remembered going to this island called Satang Island for the first taste of compressed air and the underwater realm. It must have been the worst dive i have ever had. Visibility was a mere 50 cm i think. I can't even see my own outstretched hand. Fish? You would wish. All i see is rocks, sandy bottom and more sandy bottom. Nevertheless it did not deterred me from diving further. From then onwards i went on to do my advanced open water with HM who specifically came back to Malaysia from UK in Perhentian Island. That was the time i was introduced to my first ever true underwater photography. I never looked back since. Now having dive in Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, Sulawesi, Sipadan, Mabul, i am looking forward to my possible diving trip to Komodo Island Indonesia end of this year.

To make it even sweeter, i am now equipped with my Nikon D70, Nikon D200, Sea & Sea DX70 DSLR housing with two strobes, the YS 90 Auto and the new YS 110 TTL Sea & Sea , Ultralight Arms, Fisheye focus light, 10-17mm Tokina wide angle, 60 mm Nikkor macro lens and not forgetting my compact sony T1 underwater digital compact camera as well. Ahhhh...what a long list. Heeheheheh.. All i need now is a Pelican case to pack all this. Sigh... another pay check 'habis'.

Pictures? Well although it seems that my underwater rig is darn 'pro' but ahem...i have not had that many chance to dive the last two years. But..i am going to make up to it...when i am back in Malaysia.... year end. I promised myself.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Happy patient..sometimes

I was on call this morning from 830am till 1pm. Feeling dreadful i got myself to face the ever fateful "board of patients that never seem to stop filling up". There weren't many cases i need reviewing. I then had the most remarkable referral..well..almost a referral... NO..its not. Its a midwife telling me that i had a gift over the weekend from a patient whom i had seen earlier last month.

"Dr Tan, you have two bottles of wine from a patient" the midwife claimed.

"Really?" I couldn't believed my ears. "Are you sure its for me?" I reconfirmed.

"Yes. There you go, a card with it. Open it and see who it was." she said.

I steadily ripped the letter open and read it. I of course couldn't recall who the patient was or when i had seen her but felt happy that she was grateful for what i have done for her and her baby. Not sure if she is delighted that i have literally cut open her abdomen and delivered her baby, removing her chance at vaginal delivery plus ensuring she gets another 3 days of additional stay post operation. I completely took over her control of the whole labour process. Oh well, anyways i must have done it for a good reason to deserved the two bottles. Cheers!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Second Card Trick (The Flying Ace!)

Since the last post on my first card trick, i have not been able to find time to practice any new tricks except for this one which was learned in an hour. I then spend about 2 hours making the video (and yet again using my Macbook webcam) and editing to finally able to upload it to 'youtube'. Here it is, what i call my first flying ace of spades. I am sure there are better versions of this by other better magicians and not by an extremely new beginner like me. Do enjoy... and i welcome all comments as well as critiques! Cheers!