Thursday, 10 January 2008


Finally back in Kuching after so long. The minute the plane flew over the skies of the land of hornbills, I had noticed some changes. There are new housing areas now, more buildings, and roads are wider.

I reported back to work yesterday.

There is a new shopping complex called Boulevard, been there, and unfortunately still sucks. Depressing standard as compared to those in KL. Sigh, what is wrong with the developer and architect?? Anyways its the usual walk around town and completing the three other complexes within an hour prior to heading towards my favorite vegetarian shop. Was glad it is still there.

There are not many familiar faces in the hospital but yet I was recognized by my previous staffs immediately. Even the director's secretary remembered me. Almost everyone asked about my diamond earring. 'I have given it to my sister' I replied. 'Aiyo, sik macho gi lah cam tok' some had passed comments. Only one realises I was not wearing my usual frame less spectacles.

My big boss is not around. he went on leave. I will be seeing him tomorrow morning in his office. He had called a day earlier and spoke to another colleague of ours. 'He is back? So does he still have his diamond earring? Is his hair purple?' Boss asked. My colleague laughed. Another suggested I dyed my hair purple or perhaps wear a wig tomorrow, just for the fun of it. I would be schizophrenic or manic to go with that idea.

Looks like its going to be a tough road ahead from tomorrow onwards. Hope I do not collapse under pressure. Here goes...

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Yat Yat Fatt!

I just realized that 01/01/08 if pronounced in Cantonese means 'Everyday is Wealth'! i.e YAT YAT FATT. Wow.... what a discovery. I do hope it would be wealth for me everyday loh.

And with that I decided to indulge myself in a new watch. I like watches. I have in fact 3 'sorta luxury' watches bought in stages of my life. The first when I joined medical school. Followed by my very first year as a house officer. Now since I have got my postgraduate, I once again upgraded my watch. Ahhh... how I loved my new time piece.

Oh by the way, anyone of you heard about the latest news to hit Msian politics? Someone pretty much linked to KKM has admitted to starring in a special kind of DVD. Sigh, what a news to hit the health services (in a way). Oops OK OK..not to complaint.... jeez..

Good night YAT YAT FATT, and hello 2nd of January.