Saturday, 31 May 2008

Do you look at what you shit?

(pic from vegancampus)

The thought came to me as I am sitting in Starbucks having my morning breakfast and cuppa. Well, am not trying to be disgusting but I was just wondering how many people actually look at what they pass out after what they have taken in the day before. To me looking at my shit is utmost important. Tells me lots. For instance, it tells me;

1) whether my food is digested or not. Things like corns don't get digested that well.. so you do see them the very next day.. hehhe...
2) consistency, yes the texture...hard, semisolid... fluid, and of course I want to also know if there is any blood in it (frank).
3) how long can a shit go without breaking up? To be honest the longest I had was about 20 cm in length (erm just guessing and not taking a true measure), 2 inches in width and depth. How did I ever manage to do this without breaking it... hmmm well i just had to slowly raise myself while the shit comes out and before the tip touches the base of the bowl in order not to break it. Gross? You Bet!!!!
4) making sure that there is no worms there...
5) Regular colour of the shit and correlate it with the food I took the day before..

so..think about it...and start looking at your shit...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I NEED internet Connection!!!

Internet connection for me these few months has been disgusting. I now have to make my way to the nearest Starbucks to receive their WIFI broadband connection. How sad. I need to upgrade my Celcom Broadband!! ... sad...

Thursday, 15 May 2008

I Am Back....

I have been very busy since starting my new job in Kuching. Well, its my old job but in a pretty new environment now and therefore trying hard to settle in. The other main reason was that I am locked out from surfing the internet what not blogging as I do not have any internet connection apart from my Celcom Broadband....which is running by not ideal for uploading anything at all.

There are so many things to blog about and too little time. Latest event? .. I accompanied a new found doctor friend to have her tattoo done. Pretty impressive tattoo artist. He manage to sketch the tatts in a few minutes and the next day, my friend had it permanently inked. Right at her butt. Hahahaha... here are some pics ..and if the connection is fast enough I will throw in the video clip as well.