Sunday, 26 April 2009

Keep Left if not overtaking

There was this one day when a group of us was using the emergency staircase to go out for lunch and I can't resist but to take a bird's eye view (so called) of this group of student community nurse. And I am quite surprise they adhered to the rule of keeping left if not overtaking. LOL.

Monday, 20 April 2009


OK yes...i must admit that i have neglected the blog for some time now. Well to be honest i had a long break from the WWW as i was literally blocked from blogging as i HAVE no internet connection. Reasons? well i forgot to pay for my celcom broadband, and the connection is almost always poor where i am staying currently. I think those are just plain laziness. yes yes... lazy.

Work is from bad to worst. I think there's something in the waters of sarawak that seems to make every single women here very very fertile. Recent years have seen an annual increment of patients from 11k to 13k. If that coupled with lack of staffs (docs as well as nurses equally) then it would be an overworked environment. I also believed that because the hospital i worked in now has the up to date equipments plus a 42 inch flat screen LCD or plasma TV in every single delivery room, people are just swarming in to have a feel of the rm40k bed as well as to deliver. Take a look at the picture below and tell me how many hospital (private or public sector) has this sorta setup?

Ok ok....again i am just finding excuses to neglect blogging. But seriously recent times makes it so difficult to freely voice out opinions, comments or making statements. I feel not safe blogging. hmmmmmmm

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Cicaks intimacy

Having parked my car at my apartment and as I walked towards my front door, I happened to noticed this two little thing having some quiet time to themselves. But of course, I just had to take a few shots of it.

A little description, tail on the right hand side of the picture belongs to the left 'cicak' and vice versa.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

When your Boss starts reading your wall on facebook..

So it was one of the days when we (O&G) were having our routine pre-operative meeting and it was not until the end that my Boss started to be really kind (Not to say He is not kind...He is don"t get me wrong...shit hope he is not reading this).

Well, that's of course after Liverpool (his favourite EPL team) beat Chelsea the day before I think. Recent times in the department has been really busy. I don't know why but people in Kuching seems to be really fertile. Annually we have almost 13k deliveries and the work load is just tremendous. The pressure is so intense that some of my colleagues decided to vent out their frustration through words written on Facebook Wall. One wrote that she is going to jump down the 5Th floor of a building. I guessed this sort of gave him the impression of just how hard the Reg and MOs were working.

So he said this... "I know you all have been working very hard and I appreciate all this. But please do not be so stressed up till you want to jump down from buildings. I got to know this from your facebooks!"

At that moment, we all looked at each other and start whispering away... "......don't add him as a friend!"

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Cobra is that YOU?

Today morning as I was walking towards my car, I met this little fella just by the side of the road of my apartment. First look startled me as I would not be expecting such a long slithery creature in an enclosed area. Well technically it wasn't that long. Perhaps a mere 30 cm. But no doubt about what it was when the hood started to spread and a loud hissing voice emitted. Woohooo... it's a baby Cobra! It was with stripes of black and yellow, well I can't really tell what sort of Cobra it is. Anyways, I immediately took out my lousy phone ( oh how i wished i had a better camera phone!) and started taking videos of it. Then as i watched it slithered away into the drain, I realized I was late for my morning rounds.. hehhehe

Friday, 29 August 2008

Hungry Ghost Month

It's been quite a eventful month I would say for my work. We had a few near misses and some are potentially medico legal 'incidence'. After all it is Obs & Gynae we are talking about and we all know the up and coming trend in 'suing' medical staffs for this.

I think it may have been due to the fact that lotsa lost souls wanted to have infants to accompany them in the afterworld. I am not superstitious but it's just my thoughts, my idea, my impression and my fear.

Things needed a change. We all need to upkeep and update ourselves to serve better. I am not perfect myself and hence I too am still going through and reading to improve myself. These I feel are essential in the field of medicine. However, now and then.... we do have people who are resistant to changes. I would think that there are many reasons for this;

1. They are just plain lazy...
2. They are afraid of more work...
3. They feel that they know everything as they are more senior...
4. They think they are just wasting time because others are not changing...
5. They feel that by would mean that they are wrong previously..
6. They are moving somewhere else...or retiring and not bothered...
7. They are Malaysians.... and it takes Malaysians a very VERY LONG time to make changes...2020 remember... so its 12 years to go..
8. They are old horses...and old horses are hard to retrain..

Whatever the reason may be...they are just lousy reasons. We change everyday.. even the way we shit, eat and drink. So what's so difficult about it? I change my underwear everyday for heavens sake!!! Imagine if one doesn't? It would be stained and f**king foul smelling eh? Exactly like in the field of medicine...we would be full of shit...shitty work and services. That's what the public thinks of us, those working in the public sector.

Sigh.... I just sometimes wonder how we are going to improve ourselves in order for the world to see us as a developed country. We lost their confidence in our seafood export, billions of dollar investment in the pearl of Orient and for me... the RCOG is not even recognising the part one MOG master's programme as equivalent to that of part 1 MRCOG.

Sad..but true...

I need another diving trip.... upset already... phone is ringing and I need to supervise my colleague in a caesarean section..

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Just got back from my 'yoga' diving session in perhentian island. This time around I brought two of my friends along. They took up the diving course while I had some leisure dive.

I had wanted to dive this place called Turf Club to capture some seahorses. Had one, but it was just not in the right pose... hence..I decided to leave it alone.

Highlight of the trip is mainly my friends and their new found sport.

I did took a few pictures of an octopus hidden deep within the sandy bottom. Each time my strobes fired, the poor little thing blinked in surprise. After about five to ten shots, I thought that the little thing would be blinded with all those lights.

The 'abused' octopus.

The sandy bottom.

Erm..don't really know what sort of corals these are.



Clown Fishes...

Feather stars....

And this small pipefish...

Ahh....I am just sitting here now and thinking whether I should just book the trip to Lembeh to join the rest of my other friends end of this year. But I guess I would need to look into my account book prior to that. HAhahahhaa...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


So it was the time of the year again when I happily looking forward to attend the rainforest music festival in sarawak. This is an event that I do not miss. I have been going there for the last few years, well interrupted by my two years working in UK of course. This year round is pretty much the same apart from the EXPENSIVE Tickets, Lousy Shuttle services and the Smelly sand pitch in the middle of the concert.
I was there this time around with a new group of friends. Some from my department, and others from another department. Hmm...dunno what to write about this... so pics should be sufficient.

The view from afar...

Me and the two ladies...and yes...I do have purple hair...

The percussion workshop in progress...

Our malaysian kelabit girls wooing the crowd...