Sunday, 26 April 2009

Keep Left if not overtaking

There was this one day when a group of us was using the emergency staircase to go out for lunch and I can't resist but to take a bird's eye view (so called) of this group of student community nurse. And I am quite surprise they adhered to the rule of keeping left if not overtaking. LOL.

Monday, 20 April 2009


OK yes...i must admit that i have neglected the blog for some time now. Well to be honest i had a long break from the WWW as i was literally blocked from blogging as i HAVE no internet connection. Reasons? well i forgot to pay for my celcom broadband, and the connection is almost always poor where i am staying currently. I think those are just plain laziness. yes yes... lazy.

Work is from bad to worst. I think there's something in the waters of sarawak that seems to make every single women here very very fertile. Recent years have seen an annual increment of patients from 11k to 13k. If that coupled with lack of staffs (docs as well as nurses equally) then it would be an overworked environment. I also believed that because the hospital i worked in now has the up to date equipments plus a 42 inch flat screen LCD or plasma TV in every single delivery room, people are just swarming in to have a feel of the rm40k bed as well as to deliver. Take a look at the picture below and tell me how many hospital (private or public sector) has this sorta setup?

Ok ok....again i am just finding excuses to neglect blogging. But seriously recent times makes it so difficult to freely voice out opinions, comments or making statements. I feel not safe blogging. hmmmmmmm