Thursday, 29 November 2007

Diving with Mantas (Komodo) Part 3

Diving in Komodo, one cannot miss the chance of a lifetime to view the well known dragons right? We stopped over on one of the islands to visit these massive 'bacteria infested slimmy saliva' reptiles. Each adult measuring to about more than 7 feet long. There were rangers all around us 'sorta' protecting us from any possible attacks using a 'y' shaped branch or poles. Just days ago we were chatting with another tourist and had viewed a photo of his bathroom at the park's accomodation in which a Komodo dragon was taking a nap!!

The scene around Bali near Kuta.

View around the hotel's pool.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Diving with Mantas (Komodo) Part 2

Words and pictures can be difficult to express how I felt but the following video will give you an idea of it. Courtesy of Eric, hehhehe.

Diving with Mantas (Komodo) Part 1

I flew to Bali on the 14Th of November very much looking forward to my diving trip in Komodo. It was supposed to be a short trip of 5 days at the most but in the end it was 2 weeks plus. The highlight of the trip was definitely my dive at Manta Alley. There were about 11 (minimum I would think) Mantas of all sizes gliding gracefully amongst us. It was pure amazement for the entire 2 dives, each lasting about 50 minutes. 50 minutes because I used up my compressed air quicker than the rest of the season divers and being a 'not so fit' person.
This was my second dive trip using my new camera rig and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was testing out my wide angle lens on this dive and the Manta was the prefect subject. I do must admit that my photography skills is still very depressing.

(Me and the Manta... comparing my size with the smallest of them all)

The first night of my check out dive, was a 'dare devil' feat to dive at night in a whole new dive site, I was stung by Hydroids. The scar still remained until today as I blog. It was not because I touched them but I was pushed by another diver during a current surge and felt the stinging sensation immediately right after on my left wrist. We surfaced much earlier as it was just not 'environmentally' safe to continue the dive. My first encounter with night dive currents. Hehehe

For the next 3 dives I had decided not to bring my camera along with me as i wanted to get used to diving, the buoyancy control, breathing compressed air....the basics.

But who can resist not taking any pictures at all after the third dive!!! And of course...the first picture...self portrait using my Tokina 10-17mm.

*Will be posting a video (taken by a very experienced fellow friend) of the Mantas next entry...

Monday, 26 November 2007

Diving in Komodo, Bali (Tulamben), Strolling in Kuta and Ubud

Am taking a long trip from working. Felt I should indulge myself into more quality of life than just working and making a living. Well...of course I need to work to get the money to go for all these trips.

Am still in Bali, Legian's Zanzibar blogging this. I started my journey here from the 14th of November. My initial intention was to dive in Komodo...then I was invited by two of my friends to join them in their trip to Tulamben for further dives there. I agreed. I changed my air ticket and then decided to stay for another week. was definitely worth it.

Will be flying back tomorrow to Kuala Lumpur.

Will post pictures and videos as soon as I can.

Will post pictures of me with my underwater rig, my 'wifey', my campanion for the whole 10 days of diving. Heheh...

Sunday, 4 November 2007

I have been 'PUNKED'

It was my last day at work. Said all the goodbyes and gave all the hugs and kisses. Had my lunch and thanked my consultants for being exceptionally brilliant throughout my two years working in the UK. Then it all started.

I was walking back towards the secretary's office to hand in my bleep when my colleague had asked me to help her see a patient in the antenatal ward. Apparently she was heading towards the gynae ward to attend to another emergency. Oh well, just another case before leaving so i agreed.

I entered the ward and the first midwife i met looked afraid and shaky. I asked her what was the matter and she gave me a run down of the case. Here it goes;

A 40 year old (A-PAWLING ANNETTE was her name but i had paid no attention to the APAWLING part!) plus patient came self admitted with complaints of per vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain and claimed she can't be pregnant although she did had 6 months period of amenorrhoea (no periods basically) . She was acting really abusive and aggressive and had taken a swiped at the potter already (at this point the potter was mumbling over his walkie talkie ' its ok...everything is under control..the registrar is here' also showing me a plaster on his hand). She is now in the side room, locked in the bathroom and refused to come out.

I asked the midwife whether she looked pregnant but the midwife replied that the patient was high on the BMI side so it was difficult to know. Immediately i asked for a portable ultrasound scan to be brought over. I then motioned myself towards the room and as i approached, i could hear a woman screaming at the top of her lungs saying ' i am going to kill myself!!! how can i be pregnant!! i dont't wanna be in the hospital!!! '

My heart started pumping faster, shunting all my blood to my head to help me think. The first thing i had thought of was, 'oh my god...we have got a possible psychiatric patient in the ward and an agressive one...what would happened to the rest of the patients??? how am i going to ensure the safety?'

In the room, another midwife was trying really hard to convince and persuade the patient out from the toilet. I asked whether the consultant on-call had been informed. Well at this point i thought he should be informed. Then another scream "IF ITS A MALE DOCTOR I DON'T WANNA SEE HIM...ITS MEN WHO DID THIS TO ME!!!!! GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!!!"

I told the midwives there (which suddenly doubled in numbers perhaps tripled) to try and get a female doctor if the patient didn't want a bloke. But, at this moment, the patient gave in and came out...with a PLASTIC BAG covering her head!! SHIT!! Definitely PSYCHIATRIC CASE I told myself. I politely introduced myself to the patient who at this point remained aggressive and loud. The pillows, magazines and jugs of water were all over the floor. I looked at her tummy, but couldn't convinced myself she was pregnant at all. I proceeded to chat with her and suggested she sits on the chair to start off with. Then I requested for her to allow me to remove the bag over her head of which she agreed to.

THEN!! THEN!!! that i noticed it was a familiar face, one of which i recognised immediately..... it was one of the midwives!!! and there was i standing in the room with laughter and claps all around... They had me! I have been punked. My heart stopped palpitating and slowed down. I was flushed with embarrassment. I applauded to their acting skills. Absolutely incredible.