Saturday, 11 October 2008

Cobra is that YOU?

Today morning as I was walking towards my car, I met this little fella just by the side of the road of my apartment. First look startled me as I would not be expecting such a long slithery creature in an enclosed area. Well technically it wasn't that long. Perhaps a mere 30 cm. But no doubt about what it was when the hood started to spread and a loud hissing voice emitted. Woohooo... it's a baby Cobra! It was with stripes of black and yellow, well I can't really tell what sort of Cobra it is. Anyways, I immediately took out my lousy phone ( oh how i wished i had a better camera phone!) and started taking videos of it. Then as i watched it slithered away into the drain, I realized I was late for my morning rounds.. hehhehe


fibrate said...

Someday the eagerness to capture material will be every blogger's downfall ;)
Shouldn't you have run for safety or whip out something (not yer handphone) to protect yourself? Well, who am I to judge...I'd done exactly what you did!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

i think its a baby king cobra!