Saturday, 9 August 2008

Just got back from my 'yoga' diving session in perhentian island. This time around I brought two of my friends along. They took up the diving course while I had some leisure dive.

I had wanted to dive this place called Turf Club to capture some seahorses. Had one, but it was just not in the right pose... hence..I decided to leave it alone.

Highlight of the trip is mainly my friends and their new found sport.

I did took a few pictures of an octopus hidden deep within the sandy bottom. Each time my strobes fired, the poor little thing blinked in surprise. After about five to ten shots, I thought that the little thing would be blinded with all those lights.

The 'abused' octopus.

The sandy bottom.

Erm..don't really know what sort of corals these are.



Clown Fishes...

Feather stars....

And this small pipefish...

Ahh....I am just sitting here now and thinking whether I should just book the trip to Lembeh to join the rest of my other friends end of this year. But I guess I would need to look into my account book prior to that. HAhahahhaa...

1 comment:

wicrap said...

good exposure.
wat camera r u using?

i was told to take pics from below up, targeting the sun, but by the time i got my buoyancy right, the target had left.
that was my first photography dive thou..