Thursday, 30 October 2008

When your Boss starts reading your wall on facebook..

So it was one of the days when we (O&G) were having our routine pre-operative meeting and it was not until the end that my Boss started to be really kind (Not to say He is not kind...He is don"t get me wrong...shit hope he is not reading this).

Well, that's of course after Liverpool (his favourite EPL team) beat Chelsea the day before I think. Recent times in the department has been really busy. I don't know why but people in Kuching seems to be really fertile. Annually we have almost 13k deliveries and the work load is just tremendous. The pressure is so intense that some of my colleagues decided to vent out their frustration through words written on Facebook Wall. One wrote that she is going to jump down the 5Th floor of a building. I guessed this sort of gave him the impression of just how hard the Reg and MOs were working.

So he said this... "I know you all have been working very hard and I appreciate all this. But please do not be so stressed up till you want to jump down from buildings. I got to know this from your facebooks!"

At that moment, we all looked at each other and start whispering away... "......don't add him as a friend!"

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